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jloo - Bend, Oregon

“Beautiful & exceeded expectations”

We stayed at dreams for 7 days for my sisters wedding & were extremely impressed by what a relaxing adventure it was. It was a bit of a drive from the airport; but very cool adventure from Ricozz tours who stopped to show us wildlife & monkeys on the way.

Karen G - Cleavland, Ohio

Super Friendly And Helpful - Dreams Las Mareas

We used Riccozz Tours to take us to and from the airport (it is about 1.5 hours away - but you go through national parks/conservation areas). We saw three types of monkeys on our drive in! Everyone we interacted with through the company was super friendly and helpful. Yes they try to sell you on multiple things, but that is there job. Sebastian was a BIG help. They even stopped at a super market on the way in so we could by more sunscreen (recommended) and bug spray (also recommended) and wouldn't have to pay the resort prices. We used Riccozz for our ziplining/horseback riding/and waterslide excursion as well. SO much fun and there were only 4 of us on the tour which made it very nice and intimate!

Cdn72 - Ottawa Canada

“Fantastic Property” -Dreams Las Mareas

The property is fantastic, especially the pools. You need to know what to expect in Costa Rica, especially this region. It is more desert conditions than lush tropical, which suited us just fine. The staff were fantastic, friendly and attentive. The rooms are clean and spacious. Definitely go with tropical view minimum, not mountain view. The only knocks on the property is that it is new and they need more staff, plus the drive in is 1.5 hours some on gravel roads. Best surprise the food was much better than expected.


Used John Soto from Ricozz Tours for transportation and excursions, he was great and far more reasonable than what is offered from the resort. We did the half day fishing among other things, he gave us a great deal and not only did we catch our share of tuna, but the restaurant at the resort (Seaside Grill) prepared it for us…AMAZING!!! The whole family had a fantastic time.

Alan B - Washington DC, District of Columbia

We did not use Swiss Travel for the transportation or for tours because they never responded to our emails prior to travel. We met John of Ricozz on the beach and arranged a wonderful full-day of action at Guanchepelein for my daughter and me--it was a blast, with zip-lining, horseback riding, white water rafting on III an IV rapids on the Rio Colorado, and after lunch a trip to the hot springs for a mud bath and relaxation after all the exertion.

tamaralynn10 - Halifax, Canada

Definitely take some time to see Costa Rica! John with Ricozz Tours (on the beach) took us fishing, to Nicuragua, and to some waterfalls and they were excellent to deal with!

Sean Fitzgerald‎ - Playa Jobo, La Cruz-Guanacaste

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to John from Ricozz Tours for taking care of my Family and I while we stayed at Dreams las Mareas. John made sure we got the most out of our week and were able to see some of the sights Costa Rica had to offer at a great price.

EricaFitz143 - Burlington, Massachusetts

“Dreaming of Dreams”

We just arrived back from a glorious week at Dreams Las Mareas in Costa Rica.


We used Ricozz Tours for an ATV Trip. The ATV Trip was fun but intense, definitely some rough terrain just a warning - I made it out alive to talk about it though!

Kaboyz - Hauppauge, New York

Dreams Las Mareas - Use Ricozz Tours


We stayed at the Dreams Las Mareas:

The best excursions are two hours away but we did a nearby ATV one and it was beyond amazing. Hated the pushy excursion people at the resort excursion desk. They knew nothing of the excursions and just wanted you to purchase. Do your research before going and contact other excursion companies online. We used http://www.ricozztours.com for our airport transfer and ATV tour. They are also on Facebook so I would just Facebook message with them, regarding any questions or excursions we wanted to plan. They offer others as well but with the road being so bad we were hesitant to leave.



Carlo M

Mississauga, Canada

Myself and 3 others stayed at the Hilton Papagayo fron the 21st to the 28th and enjoyed everything this beautiful resort had to offer. I have to say thank you to John from Guana who arranged all our amazing tours with knowledgeable, friendly guides.

Jim C

Oakland, CA

Hilton Papagayo is a great place to relax out in the countryside, but you also have easy access to adventure trips or shopping trips to nearby beach towns. We spent the first day just hanging out at the hotel beach and pools, then the next 3 days we did day trips; a shopping trip to Tamarindo (40 minute van ride through the countyside, and town has a really nice beach, shopping, restaurants), also did a 1/2 day snorkeling boat trip (you catch the boat at the hotel beach), and a full adventure tour that included zipline, white water rafting, horseback riding, lunch, and hot springs. The full day adventure tour was truly awesome! John Soto from Guana Tours arranged all of our day trips, and I was very happy with all the arrangements he made. You can find John on the Hilton Papagayo beach everyday.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We booked a tour with John Deyvi Soto who we found on the beach. His english is excellent, his knowedge of the area superior and he took us in a mini van with two other couples on a tailor made tour just for us. The prices beat the hotel rates and we had much more one on one attention with out guide.
Highly recommend him - his company is called GuanaTours. I can't speak for any of the other companies, but John was safe, friendly and flexible. My only suggestion would be to not book two tours on consecutive days because you will be too tired (better every other day so you can break in between) and if you decide to go on the river tour - bring bug spray just in case.
My two cents.



My sister and I also had a great time with our tour guide from Guana Trans (John Deyvi Soto M.). We met him while he was with another tour at Hacienda Guachipelin Adventure Tours near Rincon de la Vieja National Park. He asked us what we were doing the next day and we didn't have a specific plan yet but were heading to Playa Hermosa for a few days at the beach. He asked if we'd seen any great wildlife yet on our trip, and when we said we'd seen some but not as much as we'd hoped, he said he had just the trip for us: Palo Verde National Park. HE WAS RIGHT! He picked us up at our hotel in Playa Hermosa and took us to Palo Verde where we would take a boat ride to see some incredible wildlife. For $80 each we got more than a half-day excursion which included pickup and return from our hotel, boat ride in Palo Verde, and lunch (delicious local food) at a small soda (restaurant) near the park.

John was amazing - very knowledgeable, very personable and thanks to him we had one of the most amazing days of our entire Costa Rican adventure. Many of the tour guides we encountered in Costa Rica spoke english, but John was the most fluent. He also helped us select a beautiful hotel in Playa Hermosa, Villas Del Sueno.

I am very grateful we encountered John on our trip, and would recommend him to anyone. I agree with the previous poster that John is an outstanding tour guide and very well liked and well connected to a number of the local tourist attractions.

Thanks John! From the adventure girls,

Glynnis & Murray


Take a tour with John Soto of GuanaTrans (you'll find him on the beach at the resort). He & his wife took just the two of us to the Blue River Resort to zipline, tour the property (it's a paradise), lunch and the mud bath/hot springs. He his very nice and very knowledgable about the plants, animals, and Costa Rica in general.


Elk River, MN

We also did a sunset/snorkeling boat tour from John with Igauna tours. John is at the resort most every day is not only a great guy, but will work with you on whatever you want to do. He can set up fishing, a private car or whatever you want. I highy recommend.



We had the greatest time on the 2 days when we took tours. One day we went on a river cruise, during which we got up close and personal with LOTS of crocs (!) and monkeys, which were more fun than a barrel full of… well, you know. Some even climbed in our boat, and one almost refused to leave! Another day we went on the “mega-tour”, which included a hike through the forest, a trip to the mud baths near a volcano, a zip-wire expedition through the forest canopy, and a VERY long and hairy water slide. The zip-wire was a bit daunting for those of us who are height-challenged (ie, my wife and myself, but definitely not our son), but after a couple of wires, even we relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Don’t expect to see much wildlife on the zip-wire ride, but you’ll see plenty of wildlife elsewhere. We even saw a coati mundi (looks like a cross between a cat and raccoon) ambling around the beach at the resort one morning!

Rita C

Odessa, Canada

We booked 3 tours with John D. Soto from Guana Trans. We met him on the beach at the Hilton. We booked the Palo Verde boat tour, one day trip to Nicaragua where we visited a volcano at its top, saw wildlife everywhere and experienced a typical Central American lunch, and shopped at a local market. We booked the Blue River excursion including a river cruise, zip lining...great experience, a trip to the rainforest, a trip to Blue River spa....beautiful spa, picturesque surroundings, a fascinating walk through the flora and fauna of the surrounding rainforest...a walk through the butterfly gardens, all with John and his gorgeous wife Lily as our fantastic tour guide. His knowledge and passion for his Costa Rica were so engaging! We visited the Hot springs, natural sauna, mud bath and a swim in the natural hot springs pool. Relaxing yet invigorating. We were provided a superb Costa Rican meal and local juices!! I highly recommend booking your tours with John from Guana Trans. He provides safe but action packed tours of beautiful Costa Rica at its finest. Wonderful vacation with fantastic memories!! We wanted to stay another week. I would not hesitate to recommend the Hilton Papagayo and John with Guana Trans. Great valve for your money!


Cortlandt Manor, New York

Larry and his boss at Guana Trans, John Deyvi Soto M., joined us personally for the ATV/Zipline trip which included an authentic Costa Rican lunch at a local restaurant in between the 2 tours. The ATV tour was far better than if we had done it through the hotel...we were out for 2 and 1/2 hours and bombing through mud, streams and a small river. We had a blast and these guys are nothing but the best. They offer all sorts of tours and excursions and seem to be well liked as well as well connected in the tourism community in Guanacaste.

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